Vet FAQ's

I don’t know who the animal is registered with. What is the quickest way to find out?
Try referring to the national database, The Pet Address search engine allows you to search for the microchip number in various animal databases.

I don’t have an AAR Authorised User ID number, what do I do?
Just download the form here – send into us and you will soon receive an ID number to enable you to access our database and use all our services.

Does the service really operate 24 hours, 7 days a week?
Yes, by using your ID number you can access the site at anytime, plus we have a fully trained AAR officer available 24 hours a day on freecall 1800 025 461 (Australia) or 0800 441 726 (New Zealand).

What is your Privacy Policy?
You can read our policy here.

What can you register?
Unlike the NSW Government Companion Animal Registry AAR accepts any animal (not just cats and dogs).  AAR can register llamas, pigs, ferrets, birds, horses - just to name a few. Basically if you can microchip it we can register it!

Can I change ownership details online?
We take animal ownership seriously so we need the signatures of both the new and old owner. The form then needs to be faxed/ scanned / emailed back to us.

Can I change contact details online?
Yes, owners can at any time change details (except breed) online, making it a simple and easy process to keep all details up to date, and it's free.

This pet never runs away, so why should I microchip and register it?
Animal shelters are full of animals that never run away! You never know if your pet will get lost, or run away so why risk it? For the small price of registering with AAR you have lifetime security in the event the animal does get lost.

The animal is microchipped, isn’t that enough?
No – absolutely not. Microchipping just provides you with an individual number that you need to register with a nation wide fully accredited register – AAR can provide you with this service for a small one off fee.

A pet has died, should the owner advise AAR?
Please do – so we can keep our records up to date. Simply ask the owner to send us an email or even call with the details and we will update our records.

Is AAR associated with council registrations?
No, the rules vary across Australia as shown here, so for peace of mind it is best to register with an Australia wide register such as AAR because if you are travelling or the animal is caught in another council area, it will be quickly and easily identified on the AAR register.

How can I access all the registrations I have made on AAR?
Very easily – just log on here, enter your User Id number and the date range you require.

Why do I have to use the AAR forms?
These forms have been specially recreated to enable us to scan them. This minimises human intervention and ensures greater accuracy of the information about your clients animals. Do not photocopy or create your own forms as these will not be entered on the register. Contact us here if you are encountering problems with your forms.

How can I buy AAR Registration forms for my clients?
There are two ways you can do this

Do you have an alliance with any microchip companies?
No, we are an independent register. We supply our registrations to many microchip companies, who package them with a microchip making it easy for you to buy a chip and registration in one easy transaction. Contact your wholesaler for more information on a product that best suits your needs.

How do I buy prepaid forms?
Simply download the form here, fill in, supply your credit card details – send to us and we will process your order immediately. The benefits of prepaid forms are that your clinic’s User ID number will come as a barcode on the form, saving you time filling in the form. Please note that prepaid forms are like money and will not be replaced if they are lost or damaged.

We are planning a microchipping day – can you help us promote it?
Yes, simply send us an email and we will do all we can by providing information, pamphlets, flyers etc that will help your clients understand microchipping and registration.